Amanda Gale

Coming home to Australia after 16 years, the new digs is all about 'keeping it simple.'

I worked for 8 years at Rockpool Restaurant Group, 15 years for COMO Hotels and Resorts, and spent 7 months in LA most recently, setting up a new restaurant for Soho House in West Hollywood. The restaurant was called NAVA.

Rockpool was where I learnt the basic principles which I have carried with me through my cooking career - that cornerstone of good food is the produce and its source.  The ingredients themselves are a unique expression of art - how they are grown, raised and caught and even more importantly, how they can be transformed. So it is an inherent part of the process, to find the best and most ethically sourced product available.

Having lived and worked overseas for more than 16 years, I’m bringing all I’ve seen and learnt home. The wonderful defined flavours of South East Asia, to the city of London and streets of Europe, stretching all the way to Miami, The Caribbean and LA.

Experiences and knowledge gained from working with local farmers in the wild hills of Bhutan, guiding them to grow to my requirements, praising the fisherman for their wonderful catch of the day in The Maldives (which were so fresh they were still flipping on the dock) to wandering through the streets of Bangkok, taking in the fresh and pungent aromas.

My cuisine draws it inspiration from reminiscent flavours, from times and places, lessons learnt from the wonderful chefs I have had the privilege of working with. Chefs who span the globe and have all taught me something about their food and culture - which are intrinsically intertwined.