... is an expression of the food I love to eat and cook with emphasis on vegetable centric dishes, sustainably caught seafood and pastured meats.  

Globally inspired dishes are prepared with locally sourced produce. The dishes are designed to be shared and range from small to larger plates.

A Tandoor oven is the centrepiece for the cooking technique at Pheast. The use of this clay oven imparts a wonderful smoky flavor to the food. 

You will be welcomed into a friendly, honest atmosphere.

... so come, sit down and enjoy the Pheast of flavours.


Pheast a small, neighbourhood casual eatery with an offering to match - modest and changing with the season's best.

We want you to feel like we've always been there. A familiar friendly space with a certain honesty to it. 

The diversity and quality of Australian produce is something I revel in. I apply a minimal amount of processes to these wonderful ingredients in order to let them shine through and speak for themselves, but at the same time, I give a considerable amount of thought to the art of cooking.

Pheast offers food that doesn’t demand too much attention but at the same time has an ability to inspire - just wait until you taste it.